Green Living 

At Tri City Rentals we are committed to environmental stewardship and believe that it’s the responsibility of our employees and business partners to be conscious of ways that we can improve our impact on the earth.  

Our goal is to actively employ an environmentally responsible approach to all aspects of our business: Real Estate Development, Construction, and Property Management.  This commitment to environmental protection is reflected in our policies and practices for conducting business operations in both an ecological and economically responsible manner.


Our Green Living Initiatives:


The use of single-stream recycling has led to increased resident participation allowing more recyclables to be diverted from landfills.

Energy efficient LED, CFL or fluorescent lighting is used in all common areas, including the Resident Center, Leasing Office and Model Units.

Community exterior lighting is activated by photocells or timers to insure the community lights are only powered up when needed.  The property maintenance staff routinely performs after hours light inspections to confirm automated lights are cycling on and off properly.

The installation of energy efficient water heaters, lighting, ceiling fans, and Energy Star Appliances in our apartments has helped reduce the consumption of electricity.

Residents are encouraged to pay their rent online using E-Rent.

Email communication and electronic brochures are used when possible.

Electric golf carts used by property employees help reduce our fuel consumption and emissions.